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"A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist."
R. Buckminster Fuller

David is a "digital guru" who's spent well over a decade building his creative and online experience as a strategist and consultant within top agencies and his ventures with other companies.

He’s presently engaged in developing games concepts and new ways for people to experience Animaru, a bunch of new cartoon characters; some private mobile investment concepts; and a new dating concept.

Last year David directed alot of integrated tactical projects, spent time establishing digital, creative and management workflows for a media agency; completed consultancy for creative, PR, web and advertising agencies; and steered an influx of new online and mobile start-ups.

One of his most enjoyable online strategies to date was working with an associate, Intuitive Media, for the RSPCA’s ongoing Free Range Hens & Eggs campaign. The pilot campaign safely engaged with children using social media and interactive games with the aim of seeing a change in attitudes and actions. This was the RSPCA’s most effective online campaign strategy and its legacy continues today stretching to other campaigns.

Some other successes by David you maybe interested in knowing about:

  • Recently Lazy Town's board took action through David's insights into their global online presence and how to radically shift their approach to keep up with the competition for the next 3 years
  • London Green Party broke all records in the 2008 Mayoral campaign and scooped 2nd place by Register’s Social Media lowdown with a budget that was 1/20th of the size of the winner
  • CrowdDNA were able to widen their online scope for Open generating some fantastic futuristic concepts and research about online learning for kids
  • Quintiles began to think laterally about their advertising approach to medical trials through David’s work and resulted in record success for the company
  • BT's online audience was segmented using ViaSearch, using his own method of illustrating Search marketing audience segmentation, which helped them see the value of Search Marketing
  • swiss smile was transformed from an obscure European territory brand into one of the premier London dentists scoping Dentistry awards to prove its success
  • Lexus Hybrid successfully entered into social media with help from David’s creativity and in-depth knowledge of this channel
  • Levi's EMEA commissioned a large web analytics report to improve their e-commerce strategy, David came back with a way to increase sales to the tune of £1.8m through functionality and marketing tactics